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Your gums are an important, though often neglected, part of your overall oral health. Without proper gum health, your teeth will be at risk and you could develop gum disease. Come to us to get screened for gum disease and get proper treatment for any level of gum problems

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Let Dr. Ada C. Goldsmith help ensure your periodontal health. You'll get a careful examination followed by an appropriate treatment plan customized to your needs. Depending on your gum health, you may require scaling and root planning, and in some cases periodontal surgery.

Periodontal treatment

Dr. Ada C. Goldsmith, DMD MDS is available at the Canonsburg office only. Schedule your appointment to see her today.


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While gum disease can cause a lot of problems in your mouth, you can't overlook the fact that gum disease can also often be a harbinger of other general health problems, too.

Protect your overall health by treating gum disease

Don't let gum problems spiral into other areas

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